Hello! I am currently Ph.D. Candidate in Ecology at the Eviner Lab and M.S. Candidate in Statistics at the University of California, Davis.

My interests lie at the intersection between community ecology and data science. Ecology, like many fields, is experiencing a rapid growth in both the quality and quantity of available data. While we currently face many pressing environmental challenges, this explosion of data presents an opportunity to better understand how natural systems are changing around the world.

Currently, my projects focus on the role of resource limitation in terrestrial ecosystems–how changes in the availability of water (droughts) and soil nutrients (artificial fertilization) control the productivity and diversity of grasslands.

I am an affiliate of the UC Davis Data Lab, a member of the Davis R Users Group, and collaborator in the Nutrient Network.

Previously, I worked as an undergraduate researcher and lab tech at the Golberg Lab at the University of Michigan, and as a research assistant at the Archbold Biological Station.